printmaking Barcelona


Grabart is located in Barcelona in one of the oldest engraving installations of its kind in Spain. With its spaces located at the historical catalan workshop of the founder Joan Barbara (Barcelona, 1927-2013), it is not only an essential part of the art scene since its founding in 1945, but way beyond the city's limits, it is also internationally recognised as an innovative, where the most important artists of the current and the last century chosen this place for creating his artworks. The founder Joan Barbarà is one of the world’s most respected  engravers and one of the best printmaker of this century, currently his family continues with the work in the workshop where internationally recognized artists continue working there. This is where the Barbarà family has been preserving and sharing the legacy of their grandfather for decades, offering to the artists the chance to learn uniques printmaking and painting techniques. This is a project born of the spirit of opening doors and bringing knowledge to artists who wish to learn and explore new techniques.